Latest additions to the collection

The museum is continually adding to and expanding our collection.  Here is the most recent object to be added:

It is an etched glass jug commemorating the 1903 Sacriston Colliery Disaster.  During that disaster, two hewers (Thomas McCormick and  John Whittaker, both of Elliot Street, Sacriston) drowned during an inrush of water.  A third hewer, R. Richardson, survived more than ninety hours underground, in water only inches below the top of the seam, until a powerful enough pump could be sourced to remove the water. The text etched onto the glass reads:

Sacriston Disaster

3 Miners Entombed

Nov 16, 1903

R. Richardson

Rescued Alive

After 91 Hours



Temp 10660

Identification Number: TEMP 10660

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